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Oklahoma Property Network, LLC FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

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Do you take pets?

We do accept pets at some of our properties. We typically require a higher security deposit when there are pets. Please contact one of property managers for more information about a specific property.

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I do not have a printer at this time, how do I get the application for your rental property?

Please contact us at 1-8888-439-4242 to schedule a viewing of our available properties and we will provide an application.

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Is it necessary to send the invoice with our payment or just the check?

You do not need to include the invoice in the return envelope with your payment. Please make sure that your rental address is noted on the check or money order.

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Do you have requirements on length of employment?

We don't have any hard requirements on length of employment. We prefer that all of our applicants have at least 6 months in their current job, but often we make exceptions for applicants who can show and long and consistant work history or have a guaranteed source of income..

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Do you take Section 8 Housing?

We are open to Section 8 assistance on our properties. Come take a look at our available properties and discuss it with us.

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Can I rent if I have bad rental history?

Rental history is a very important part of our approval process. A bad rental history can be a reason for us to deny your application.

We look at each applicant individually and if the bad rental history wasn't recent and you pay your other bills on time and are financially responsible, we sometones approve applicants with negative history with an increased security deposit or other compromises.

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